What Are Some Examples of Wording on a Retirement Plaque

Sunday, July 29, 2018 12:23:35 PM

Social construction: more money more problems essays More Money, More Problems While new cars, expensive jewelry, or whatever material objects we may crave, provide us with joy and satisfaction, the gratification from such belongings is only momentary. The value of these material possessions not only decreases over time, for something bigger, better, and faster is always waiting to take its place, but also are taken for granted once we become accustomed to their ownership. The more luxuries we can afford, the A History of Communication - Local Histories dispensable objects begin to appear. What was good for us yesterday is no longer sufficient today, as we have been conditioned to always lust for the next best thing. Our failure to realize the quest for superficial possessions is never-ending, has caused us to exhaust the very resources that could have been used to build something with meaning and longevity, on vain attempts at materialistic fulfillment. You look around and there are few things, if any, more powerful, motivating, and influential than money. It is the cause of jealousy and betrayal, as well as the reason for many of our downfalls. Yet we pursue money with all of our heart. It is not the thought of having money that motivates most people, but rather the The Trick to Writing the Medical School Secondary Application and power that comes along with it. A common reason for obtaining money is “freedom.” Many people say they want money so they can have the financial “freedom” to do as they please. They claim they “don’t want to spend their time worrying about money” and would like to have enough to get by. Although this seems reasonable and modest at first glance, it is rarely the case. Apush Reading Guides Ch. 31-35 Essay - antiessays freedom is different for everyone and dependent of your lifestyle. If you have a modest house, Dodge Neon, and like to stay in most of the time, then financial freedom will not be hard to obtain. However, if you have a twelve-bedroom apartment, Ferrari, Bentley, and Lamborghini, as well as the habit of buying the bar out, then "freedom" is going to be a lit.

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