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Niosh essays s Homework Help | do my homework | write my homework | My conditions as reported by employees or employers. · Evaluate the hazards of new technologies and work practices. · Researching, Creating and Evaluating methods for preventing disease, illness or injury in the workplace. · Providing education and training to individuals preparing for or actively involved in the field of occupational safety and health. · Recommend occupational safety and health standards to OSHA. Many of the efforts of NIOSH are targeted at anticipating workplace crisis and making sure that they do not come to pass. An example of one of these efforts is the many mine disaster that have been prevented as a result of the pillar system developed by NIOSH for longwall mining. Another b chronological pattern c causeeffect pattern d spatial is the many health emergencies that have been avoided as a result of the NIOSH information hotline. As a federal agency NIOSH has given itself both a vision and a mission statement. It’s vision is “Delivering on the Nations promise: safety and health at work for all people through research and prevention”. The mission of NIOSH .

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