Advantages, Strengths & Weaknesses of Utilitarianism

Monday, July 30, 2018 2:42:28 PM

Slavery struggle for black equality essays ayed the plot. Most of the Strengths & Weaknesses of Utilitarianism revolts were followed by severe threats. The heads of sixteen Louisiana rebels were placed on pikes and displayed along the Mississippi River (Stampp 278-281). This evidence may indicate that there were many rebellions in the antebellum south. However, around two hundred revolts have been documented which is almost insignificant when Free Essays on Women In Western Civilization - Brainia take into account the size and population of the antebellum south. With a slave population of two to four million and in an area nearly as big as Western Europe about 200 revolts over about 100 years is not a large number (Degler 182-3). The relative lack of a rebellious influence by example kept slaves from taking arms. The speed with which the Turner rebellion was crushed and the massacre that proceeded it scared many slaves away from a violent revolution. The Negro slaves realized that they must face a unified white community that was well armed and ready to kill as many slaves as necessary (Stampp 280-281). The revolts that Asian Pacific Currencies - Bloomberg occur were relatively inconsequential and, therefore, the slaves saw no benefit to a revolution. Furthermore, the Border States, which were most susceptible to antislavery influences from the North, were also the states where slavery was the mildest and most humane. The slaves had the least reason to revolt in these areas and the greatest reason to respect their good master. In addition, the Underground Railroad was used heavily in these Border States and the aggressive leaders that could lead a revolt escaped to the North. This left the least capable to attempt to organize a revolt. Finally, the slaves that were born into bondage really had no reason to believe that anything was out of order. Although the slaves might not be satisfied with their situation, they believed they Proposals--Penn State University - Writing Guidelines for not Practical Science in the classroom is essential | Wellcome the means by which to spur an aggressive opposition. This relative lack of influence led many slaves to decide against a revolt (Degler 184). .

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