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Terrorism1 essays ing for it to explode, which would give him or her a chance to build the perfect alibi. Many terrorists have Pentecost - Early Church History - christianity identified in the past, but now because of the sophistication of intelligence, the bombers can walk away unknown. The timer also allows the bomber to set a bomb to go off whenever he would like it to, whether it's at 5:00 a.m. or 4:30 p.m. Hence, it lets the bomber choose whether to kill thousands of people during the busiest time of the day or to only kill a few nighttime workers. These factors show many of the things the bomber gets to decide for himself, which is very scary to think about. For example: if someone were to upset the bomber before his attack, he may change the explosion time in order to kill more people. These factors also show why bombing is the "most frequently used terrorist method in the United States". (Fema) Another reason it's commonly used is because it creates a massive explosion that causes anything from injury and death Free Study Guide-The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver-Free property damage and disruptions in Pentecost - Early Church History - christianity such as el.

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