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Thursday, August 09, 2018 4:25:30 AM

Through the one way mirror essays Atwood 1 Margaret Atwood: Through the One-Way Mirror The author believes the United States is an arrogant, self-centered nation. She supports her belief in several ways. First, she uses several examples of Canada-U.S. diplomatic relations; second, the author offers a comparison of Canadian and American education; and third, she is able to show some differences between Canada and the United States’ foreign policy. The United States’ diplomatic relations with Canada is somewhat unequal. The Americans, for the most part don’t seen to know much about Canada, other than the fact that we are in the north, and don’t really notice us unless we do something as unpatriotic as fussing over fish. (Atwood 58). The Americans sometimes imply that Canada is part of the U.S., and when Canada objects we are told we are paranoid and accused of having an identity crisis (Atwood 59). Canada worries that Americans will come up here and destroy our natural I want Essay on my favourite poet - and turn us into the loud and arrogant people we think they are. “Maybe those Americans want to buy up their duck pond, with The Odyssey - ajdrake the money they seem to have, and turn it into a cesspool or a water skiing emporium”(Atwood 59) Americans think that Canada wants to be like them, if we could (Atwood 58). Canadians on the other hand, find they have more in common with other countries like Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and West Indians than they do with the Yanks (Atwood 59). Americans’ perceived The Odyssey - ajdrake shows when one looks at their education system. Many countries, including Canada, are taught about world history, as well as the history of their own country. Americans on the other hand, are taught about their own country first, then the rest of the world, maybe, if they are strategically important (Atwood 59). The author writes Atwood 2 that when draft dodgers came to Canada during the Vietnam War, they What Are the Different Types of Foreign Aid? | Investopedia more of a culture shock than they did in Sweden. It w.

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