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Freshman year reflection essay bikes Please download the attached document file for specific peer editing instructions, including a partners list. Rob Narciso English Per. 9 2. 8. 05. Mid-Year Personal Reflection Essay: Sophomores. Looking back, my freshmen year along with my middle and elementary school years always go by quick. Of course, it does not feel like freshmen year went by quick when I was actually going through the grade. Writing Keeper | Imagination is Endless school itself I did okay. My grades where above average, which is something I can brag about. By the end of the year, I did not expect a lot out of sophomore year so Eavan Boland: The War Horse | Reflective Insights and didn?t have to worry about it a whole lot. The lessons I walked away with did happen until the following summer. The first lesson I learned when I got my first job was hard work does payoff at the end. The second lesson I learned when I hiked Mt. Washington was no obstacle is too large to over come. The major similarities between sophomore year and freshmen year is I never stop meeting new and different people in each one of my classes. This probably true even about life in general, even I college and a new job I will keep meeting new people, some I like and some I dislike. The first semester of sophomore year lived up to its expectations because I did not really have any for the semester. Of course good grades on test and homework matter but I already have expected to each school year to do good in each class and excel in the class by the end of the year. My greatest accomplishments of sophomore year are achieving high honor role for both marking periods and hanging out with a group of friends and enjoying life as it comes to me. I am usually involved with sports after school, freshman year I was on the freshman soccer team and winter and spring track. This year I was on the junior varsity soccer team and I plan on participating in the upcoming spring track season. My major influences on school in general are my friends each contribute, along with myself, to how I view the school and my classes. Areas in my life academically I need to improve is English class. My freshmen year English was also my worst subject. I need to raise my grades and learn to write better in both English and History classes. If I could go back already in my high school career and do something differently I would double up in www.cnpiecgb for this year because I do not like the fact that I find the class to be easy and one of the smartest sophomore in the class. I enjoy a challenge every once in a while. The one thing that is stopping me from excelling in school is the fact that I cannot write a good essay and my studying habits are not up to par. The actions I need to take in order to bring myself to the place where I should be to practice on essays and go in for extra help on my writings when they are not the best they could be. My hopes for this year consist of to raise my grades in some classes and keep up the other grades in other classes. To keep challenging myself to be a better student I will recognize that I need a proper education to succeed in life to do the things I want to do, for example, go to college and get a meaningful job. I will use the lessons I learned in my previous years to help in my upcoming junior and senior year to complete and hopefully perform well on the SATs and graduate the high school with good grades. I deal with the uncertainties of the future with an open mind. I am aware that life does not always go the way I expect it to and I will use that lesson in and of itself to face the future and all it drags and brings with it. Travis Lee 2-8-05 Period 8 English Mr. Sunga Mid Year Reflection Essay. Freshman year at West Orange High School went by really fast for me. Making new friends, getting adjusted to a new building, and trying to keep up with all my classes there is now all but a reminiscent memory. That year ended well and during the summer I took courses such as an algebra II preview course and an SAT prep course to prepare myself for next year and the future. The first extremely major difference between my freshman and sophomore year so far is completely different school districts. This is my first year at Livingston High School and so far it has been quite a ride. The classes are challenging, the community is nice, and navigating my way around the school was not a difficult task at all. With a new building, new teachers, new faces and higher academic standards, the first semester as a challenge to keep up with. There are a few things I would have done differently, now that I look back upon the first semester. Procrastination was a big mistake. Although everything was done on time, maybe I could have done better if I started earlier. Everything else was fine. I made friends and got along with people but I should have started my work earlier. My 14:14:00 GMT TOEFL IT certification needs! Mon, 09 Jul for this year is just to continue doing well academically and socially in this new learning environment. It was a big change to move here and it was tough hit the ground running. Hopefully I did well on my placement tests for next year. Now, after being a student in Livingston High School for only 1 semester, I know what to expect in the years to come and hope to succeed. This is for Liat. I wrote most comments on the actual essay. so this peer editing thing is pretty succinct. PEER EDITING QUESTIONS � a. Describe the types of conflicts or major areas that your partner reflects upon in his/her essay. How well does your partner connect and make sense of the events in his/her life and learn from them? You talk about social conflicts in the beginning, and major areas are your passion for art/fashion designing. There�s somewhat a connection, and you definitely talked about how you learned from these events which is good. It forms the basis for your whole essay. b. Describe the sequence of events your partner chooses to share. How well do the events flow together? These events should not be listed like grocery items, but the events should cohere with vivid details, sensory imagery and even dialog. Comment on those areas. You talked about your events well and in detail, but I couldn�t see how the part about the friends was connected to your finding what you want to do for a career. Dialog? I�m not sure it�s needed but it would make it more interesting if you had some quotes or something you wanted to share. c. How does your partner deal with challenges in his/her life in the effort to gain insight and direction? Who or what are major figures in the Translate bhai in Italian with contextual examples - MyMemory of your partner that contributes to his/her self-realization of growth? She dealt with them through time and open-mindedness. It�s apparent that her fashion class contributed a lot. d. CHECK FOR ANY COMMA AND SEMI-COLON ERRORS. Check, also, for other punctuation correction areas. Is the verb tense consistent? Is there a creative title to the piece? Does the format cohere to the requirements (double spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font)? Check for any sentence fragments and run-ons. I wrote it all on the paper. Hi Mr. Sunga. This is Crystal, and here is my essay: Crystal Kania February 10, 2005 Period 8 Rough Draft A Wise Fool�s Reflection. Being a sophomore student, I go by the name of Crystal Kania at Livingston High School. Coming to school everyday as a tenth grader is a lot of fun, but it can get very frustrating at times. It took a lot to make it this far, and I had to overcome many challenges to be where I am today. Overall, freshman year was a year Learn How to Prepare Excellent Research Paper Conclusion adaptation. It took many grades and a lot of stress for me to learn how to balance between keeping in touch with friends and earning good grades at school. After freshman year ended, I felt relieved that I did not have Term Paper: Korean War Korea Won Independence After the be the newcomer any more, and proud that I had evolved into a more enlightened person since the end of eighth grade. One of the greatest lessons I learned as I approached sophomore year was the value of earning a scholarly education. This new appreciation for knowledge encouraged me to work hard for the new year and realize that success is a process of improvement rather than a magical occurrence. Others might feel differently, but as for me, I do not think the difference between freshman and sophomore year was very drastic. What was drastic, however, was the way I changed and handled some of the similar situations concerning schoolwork, drugs, and friends. The only difference that seems to stick out to me as the most drastic is the peer pressure concerning alcohol at parties and other places. It used to be that I could go out and not have to worry about doing the right thing when it comes to drinking, but this year I have been placed in an environment where alcohol is much more common. I, however, found it in myself to overcome these pressures and benefit the community for the better. For example, I volunteer at St. Barnabas hospital and I am part of the Marching Lancers. Now that the first semester of sophomore year has ended, I think that tenth grade did meet my expectations. I am learning a lot and I couldn�t ask for a better group of friends. I extended my experience as a freshman to a sophomore by becoming a less uptight person. Listening to my best friend, Sarah, and practically living by the words of my favorite band, Coldplay, helped me understand the importance of living life for happiness. A time for reflection, Writing Keeper | Imagination is Endless, is not about priding oneself upon personal strengths. There are definite weaknesses that I realize and hope to overcome as I mature into a person of the real world. Socially, I wish I was not as shy as I am sometimes when I meet new people. Having the confidence to approach a person with genuine affection is very important, and I wish I could see the good in people instead of criticizing them. If I could go back in time and do something different it would be one thing: never, ever read Catcher In the Rye by J.D. Salinger. I know it was part of the curriculum, but it really messed up my life for a while. I was never as compelled and touched from reading a book, Research paper on eating disorders units! Grant writer I realized that Holden�s thoughts were mine and that his actions were very similar to what I would have done. Honestly, I was scared and disappointed at the world for being phony and at myself for being a part of it. Thanks to my best friend, however, I now realize that I am strong enough to become a nonconformist with respect. I do not need to make myself suffer for what I believe to be the world�s faults, on the contrary, I have to be a hero and show the world I can withstand the corruption. Now, I am working to overcome that hatred Holden felt, and become a happier person. The only thing hindering me is my pride. Pride is arrogance; it has the power to distort a clear mind. I sometimes feel like holding on to that rebellious nature of mine will defend my pride, but I must realize that the greatest pride comes from the happiness of my heart. As I move forward and enter a different phase in my life, I hold on to my dreams and hopes with faith that I will have what it takes to become a person I am happy with. My dream is to become a doctor, and help those that need it. I imagine myself giving sight to blind people; it has been something I wanted to do for some time now. I will continue to challenge myself by constantly meeting new people and striving to complete my absolute best in school. I will use the lessons I learned in these past two years to become a more social person with better grades in junior and senior year. Of course there will always be that doubt that I won�t make it, but I use these uncertainties as opportunities to grow by surrounding myself in an environment of caring friends and a loving family who believes in me. Peer Editing for Crystal's essay: a. Crystal feels as if freshman year was an adapting year, and that it was difficult to find a balance between grades and friends. However, she overcam these and felt relieved to be a high school veteran. The greatest lesson she learned was the knowledge she was getting was truly valuble. She also wishes she were less shy with new people, and she feels truly changed by Catcher in the Rye. She makes sense of these excellently, and the sentences really flow. b. She starts off talking about freshman year, with a smooth transition to her current year and personal strengths. Just like the transistion between the years, the transition of the parapgraphs was smooth. c. She feels that she has somewhat overcome most of the conflicts in her life. Crystal turns to other people in her life for help, especially her best friend. I think this quality is very admirable because it shows that she can make herself vulnerable and ask for help. d. There are no grammatical erros in this piece; the P rules are used with expertise, and everything was very readable. Sorry I did this so late Crystal, I've been so sick and busy all day.

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