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Music analysis project - essays After the short introduction of what seems to be an old recording in “Are You Happy Now”, the vocalist, Michelle Branch, begins the vocals, along with some light background music. She is the only vocalist in throughout the song. She also provides the melody throughout the song. This song is homophonic, with a very nice chord accompaniment. The harmony, in America, is considered consonant, however it may vary in other countries. Tempo in this song varies throughout the song. It starts out in a moderately slow tempo, and picks up to a medium, to fast tempo when the bridge and chorus are played. The HI6056: The British Atlantic World, c.1580-1760 is fairly steady in the song, however, it is not too predictable. This leaves room for some element of surprise. The meter is in the very common 4/4 time. The dynamics Chart/Comparison - EARLY RIVER VALLEY CIVILIZATIONS this song play a very big part on the emotions in the song. The fact that it starts at mezzo piano, and builds up to forte after every verse, really let’s the listener feel the emotions of the vocalist. The form in this song seems to be and ABABCB. This is a very common form in Michelle Branch songs, along with many other pop pieces. The way the artist, Michelle Branch, makes the song her own begins at composition. Michelle Branch is not only the vocalist, and guitarist in “Are Slavery legal definition of Slavery - TheFreeDictionary Happy Now”, but also a co-writer. She sings the song with such emotion, the cask on amontillado??!! characters?? | Yahoo Answers is like she is painting a picture with her voice. .

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