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Confucious and lucretius essays Philosophy like science can be as general as chemistry yet as finite as atoms. The defining point of philosophy is through the finality of ideals that are pondered. What it means to be human and Air Pollution Research Paper - - tcdhalls it means to live well are questions we all subconsciously contemplate, because through contemplation we Annotation Tips for Students – Hypothesis better ways of living that encompass healthy living for mind and body. Going as far as to fuse science with philosophy Lucretius, a roman poet of humanism, extracted Epicurean ideal on the soul and body as atoms with his views on virtue through quietist philosophy. Confucius examined virtue through knowledge and action based good through the soul, as well as narrowed his philosophies down to living by a certain moral where a inner “Jen” and outer “Li” combined in accordance with the “Rectification of Names” were stages to the development of virtue. Though different paths may lead appeal to different thinkers and different ideal may arise in the process of contemplation the one universal commonality between the philosophers Confucius and Lucretius (in relation to Epicurean ideals) in their search for virtue. Balance and structure within a position is essential to the ability of an idea. If an idea is too radical and judgmental, it will not be accepted or admired. Confucius’ thoughts on the attainment of virtue were practical rules of life. These rules were not impossible to live Air Pollution Research Paper - - tcdhalls, and through his thought Essay Service: Where To Buy A Sociology Essay For 8 Hours analects he was able to change the way the east thought and lived day to day. Confucius believed in “Jen” or Ren. This aspect of Confucian attainment of virtue is what is compared to as humankind ness. It meant being conscientious and altruistic. Humanity or “Jen” is what is what ties one together with another. It is the practical consideration of one human being for another based on a concept of reciprocity. This was not an abstract concept removed from daily life because “Jen” was developed .

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