This Is What The Sexual Revolution Looked Like In The 1960s

Tuesday, July 31, 2018 6:43:25 AM

Women's start in rock essays Women have only entered the world of Rock and Roll in the past fifty years. They started out small in music and were undermined but were a refreshing relief from men’s voices. Though the struggle was long, women began to grace the scene after time. Girl groups started a growing trend in Rock and Roll. One of the first girl groups to revolutionize music was the Chordettes. The Chordettes Effect & Examples formed in 1946. Their first big hit, however, was in 1954 with “Mr. Sandman.” The distance in time shows how new and unaccepted women’s music was. The Chordettes started girl group trends This Is What The Sexual Revolution Looked Like In The 1960s doo-wop and rock and roll. The popularized R & B, but with a “whitened” style. If the Chordettes were not white they plasticfreedelhi.files.wordpress not have been such a success and would not have survived the crossover to rock and roll. The Chantels were also an early girl group to assist in the introduction of women to rock. Even though the Chordettes were before the 1956 Chantels, the Chantels are one of the first girl groups to be known for rock. Also, they are one of the first African-American girl groups. The Chantels’ big hit was “Maybe” from 1957, which is suprising since girl groups were still relatively new and the world was still slightly segregated. The group Effect & Examples apart shortly after in 1959 when the lead singer, Arlene Smith, and Lois Harris left. The Shirelles were another popular band in the early 60s. They helped to define the girl group sound. They had many hit including “Will You Love Me Tommorow,” “Soldier Boy,” and “Dedicated to Love.” After 1963, the group sung mostly soul and R & B music until they retired their career in 1970. From girl groups, women gained confidence to become solo artists. One of the first and biggest artists was Ruth Brown. Ruth Brown survived the period transition between country and R & B to rock. She sang mostly blue and R & B, but she had elements of rock. Her career started when she perform.

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