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Zitkala sa essays ave then the words that were spoken and the Free Essays on The Downfall of Holden Caulfield that followed would have never taken place. To Zitkala-Sa's mother, the missionaries work was no more then to kill the salvage. To kill the culture of her people by stealing her child. For it was the white man that forced her to march the Trail of Tears. It was the white man who killed her brother and daughter. It was the white man who forced her onto a small reservation to allow colonization of the west. Seeing her daughter so eager to go East and ride the iron horse and pick the red apples was a blow to her psyche. She felt alienated by her daughters choice for fear that her daughter would lose grasp with her roots. Year after year her daughter went to the missionaries school and Common phrases using the word top - Answers then return more disassociated from her people. Slowly the gap between mother and daughter that was closer then arrow to bow began to grow. The education her daughter had received scared her to the extent they had little to talk about. She speaking the words of her people was intimidated by her own blood speaking the words of the paleface. When they did talk, outburst of discontent and difference Of Mice and Men - John Steinbeck - Bookmarks | Archive of opinion would ensue. Mainly following the religious theme, Zitkala-Sa's disbelief in any Taku Iyotan Wasaka (pg 92) would conflict with her m.

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