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Esaay essays As you may have already noticed I chose the Spanish artist Diego Rodriguez de Silva y Velasquez. But I will just refer to him as Diego for short. Born in 1599, in a small Spanish city of Emotional Intelligence Presentation Ppt[1] | Emotional, Diego began his artistic education at the age of eleven years. after he began his education The Truth About Cancer Is Hidden Because was a pupil of the famous artist Francisco Pacheco, one of the best artist of the time. During this time he was taught, in the Andalusion capital, about art and letters. In 1617 he was notified as a master painter and the following year he Emotional Intelligence Presentation Ppt[1] | Emotional Pacheco’s daughter (his apprentice). Most of his artwork dealt with religion and mythological characters. His artwork had started when he was young in age. In Seville he had started studying art in 1610 and painted his first painting in 1618 which is The immaculate conception. His love for art had started when he was born. He just had a natural love for art without anybody persuading him. But later his ideas for art came from his religion. Another place that his ideas came from nature. This is shown in his own quote ”go to nature for everything.” One of his most memorable pieces of artwork is ‘The Immaculate Conception.” In The Truth About Cancer Is Hidden Because painting there is a woman, who is Diego’s wife portraying Mary. This painting is drawn in very brilliant colors because he is trying to express the brilliancy and power of Mary. The reason that he had created such a brilliant piece of art was to show how Mary looks and to portray the beauty of her. Another piece of artwork is known as “ The Surrender of Breda.” In this painting there are many men standing around and watching two of them, Justin von Nassau and Genoese Ambrosio Spinola, agreeing to a treaty after a war. Diego painted this for one main reason, and that was to show that they were now allies with the bredan army. Because of the period they were inn not many people heard about Diego until the Napoleonic wars. But early in the 19 century, his fre.

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